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We started operations in 2004, thanks to Mexican and Spanish investors.

Salbutamol Spray was our first product, which began to be manufactured in a small plant located in Mexico City, with a small group of enthusiastic people experienced in the area of drug manufacturing.

We have a work culture that always keeps in mind the commitment and responsibility to offer high quality products within the reach of all our patients.

Subsequently, and based on the acceptance of the first product, we generated a development team, in order to have a wide portfolio of generic drugs covering different therapeutic areas, having a total of eight product lines.




To produce medicines of the highest quality, to improve health and well-being in all stages of life.

Experimento de laboratorio


To be one of the top 10 national laboratories in Mexico.


In order to achieve our mission, we must strengthen and develop those enduring values that make up the essence of our organization.

Misión, Visión, Filosofía

Our improvement has required the following actions:

  • Renovation of our production plant with updated systems and validations.

  • Development of new products with innovative features.

  • Improvement in manufacturing processes and product quality control.

  • Search for suppliers at international level that comply with the current legislation of the Mexican Ministry of Health.

Cultura Empresarial
Ofrecer medicamentos y tratamientos médicos al alcance de todos en cada etapa de su vida.

Our Commitment

  • To continuously advance in wellness, prevention and medical treatments for a greater number of patients.

  • To be at the forefront in current treatments to face the most feared ailments of our times.

  • To establish standards of quality and safety of medicines.

  • Offer affordable medicines and medical treatments to all.

  • Maximize our financial performance to meet our commitments to those who trust us.

Estamos comprometidos con las personas para cuidar de su salud con calidad.

Our Principle

Health & Quality

Trabajamos siempre para el bienestar de las personas.

Our Strategy

  • Optimize our product portfolio for a wider range of conditions.

  • Find and capitalize new opportunities for established products.

  • Support emerging markets.

  • Grow our diversified businesses.

  • Create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

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