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Company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of the highest quality medicines that are distributed in the government, private and impulse markets.

Our products

Currently, we have more than 120 products strategically classified into 8 therapeutic lines:

Our Customers

Our leadership in sales and supply of medicines in Mexico has positioned us as one of the main suppliers of public and private institutions and distributors, bringing health and quality to the entire Mexican population.

Some of our clients are:

Nuestros clientes en Farmacéutica Hispanoamericana


Tenemos un Centro de Desarrollo para la creación de productos farmacéuticos.

Development Center

Distribuimos medicamentos a todo el territorio nacional

National Distribution

Almacenes de productos farmacéuticos.


Contamos con Plantas de Fabricación de Medicamentos

Manufacturing Plants

Exportamos productos farmacéuticos a Latinoamérica

Exports to Latin America

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